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Wow, haha only a year since the last update… Working with the album seems to have stagnated, but I thought I’d update ya anyways, since there’s been loads of other stuff going on… The page is getting some additive old songs and project demos that I’ve recorded since… well, since last year… also, I’ll be adding an old Vulture King song that I covered recently to the sounds page on the site… Unfortunately, it’ll be in the same poor quality as the previous one’s. I’m still trying to find a faster, larger server for the mp3:s, this’ll have to do ‘til then. Also, I’ve started singing/playing guitar in the band Resurrect (formerly known as Ambush), and we’re planning on recording a 3-track demo sometime soon, and we’ll be uploading some live tracks also. That be all for now, take care, ya’ll!



Sorry for being so slow with the site, newsletter and all that… There just haven’t been enough news for an actual newsletter… There’s been some minor changes in the site, find ‘em if ya can! Also, Absorb has been working on some songs, most of which are yet to be named. Of the older demo versions, the song that goes under working title ‘Insane’ will probably, in some form, make it on to the album. Due to lack of finished material, the deadline of the album might have to be pushed forward a bit… Well, that’s it ya’ll!



Five Absorb songs (or demos, rather) are now up on for display and download. Also, a so called D.A.M CD with these songs and liner notes/song history, called *Assorted Goods* is available for purchase. What’s more? Some more pictures of the equipment are soon to be put up on the site. A personal page about Emil himself is under way, and the rumors of a full length CD being released this spring have been confirmed by Absorb. “The first song is already done, the title track ‘Where Dead Ends Meet’, is a slow melancholic instrumental piece that will be the last track of the album”, says Emil.



A few new links added to the links page. Also, Emil might be auditioning as bass player in a heavy metal band.



This News page and the official Absorb newsletter have been added to let you know of the updates of the site and also what’s new in the world of Absorb. Also, a few cosmetic changes have been made to the Main page.



The Links page has been updated. A Few new links and banners for the ones already there are now up.



A few photos have been taken of the instruments and equipment. The pictures will be up in one or two weeks, Hopefully also a few decent ones of Emil himself will be scanned and ready at such time.



Still looking for a good server to put some covers in mp3 format up on… Until such time you’ll have to do with a very limited access to very low-quality ones.



A Message board has been added to the features of the site. Please do write.



The first official Absorb website is up… The content might be a bit dull, but at least it’s there…