Okay, on to the important stuff; the songs!!

Many of these songs are just little snippets of songs. There are two methods to how I work; I come up with a riff or two, record them right away and store them away for safe keeping or I come up with a riff, while recording that riff another pops up in my head and I have to hurry recording the first one while keeping the next one in my head and while recording that... Well, you get the picture!Emil P.W.S Holmgren

I've divided the songs into virtual 'albums'. Usually when I record songs I just come up with some random strange title for both the song and the 'album' field in the mp3 name tag. Often the album tag sticks with me for a few songs before coming up with something even stranger. Anyway, enough with the ramblings; on to the music! I've tried to include some comments where I can remember the song at all. Enjoy!

Ps. For those too lazy to listen through some hundred songs, I've assembled a zip file of Recommended Dowloads with a few songs that I'm really pleased with! Then, if you like those, you can browse through the rest! For those of you even lazier, theres an embedded player with the songs from the zip file below! Ds.

Dissonance Ideas 2010-2012 Here are some songs I've written for my and Olivers thrash metal project Dissonance. We'll see if any of them ever make it to finished song status.

Ray Sell A song that was written in 2009 that sat on the shelf for the longest time only having guitar and bass. In 2010, I finally programmed some drums for it. Great song except for the solo backing riff and solo. I'm really not happy with those at all. The title is a word play on "Raise Hell".
Brooding Gums A really cool Exodus style 6/8 song written in 2011. Good mix of evil sounding, melody and progressiveness.
Rural Shavings Really cool progressive thrash song with alot of crazy rhythms, different moods, time signatures and feels.
Darrningen Nice prog thrash with some great riffs, some odd time signatures. I really like the slower middle part with all the weird time signature changes.

New Storage 2009-2010 A new album of songs and snippets written the last 2 years.

Digital In Delaware Surprise surprise, another alliteration title! A Dream Theateresque piece of prog metal that I wrote for the prog metal band I was in last year, hence all the keyboard and dual soloing. Not bad for a first attempt at writing more "generic" prog metal!
Malitractor A short 'snippet' of a heavy progressive metal riff. Short but sweet.
Multiraptor Another short prog metal 'snippet'. Written in close succession with 'Malitractor', but they just wouldn't fit together.
Madly Science Just as I thought this was going to be one of those "one riff at a time that never go anywhere" periods in my writing, this wonderful piece of music flowed out of me, spanning between looming, atmospheric, melodic and thrashy! Wonderfully impossible title.
Growling Pond Nice prog metal two-riff combo. Short, chuggy and... hectic. Gotta love them triplets-within-triplets.
Grolf Spiralling down a whirl, that's what this riff feels like to me.
Suggestive Digestive Thrashy, dramatic, progressive and melodic. Just like you'd expect. Not half bad a song!
Lending Less Movements A really cool mix of "skip-a-beat" progressiveness, relative tempos and chuggy riffs with a nice touch of melody. The title was slightly inspired by the Sepultura song "Meaningless Movements".
Buppum One of those songs that sprung from a rhythm I heard in my head and developed! Contains some really whacky tempo changes and quite a cool thrashy middle section.
Mugged By Maggots Really cool Absorb style prog thrash pieces that's sort of a natural sequel to 2005's "Shallow Dave". It's got driving, chuggy verses, atmospheric choruses with spaced-out drumming, odd time signatures, a nice, clean solo break and a crazy midsection. What more could you ask?!

Snarling Snippet Sauce 2007 A new album started in march of 2007, I didn't feel these songs fit very well in any of the recent one's, so I made up a new one!

Tusks of Toronto Who would've thought, an alliteration title! A short but good and chaotic little piece of music, with loads and loads of layers!
Twiddling My Lumps A nice little doodle with baroque influences, too bad it's too short... The title summons icky mental images...
In Darling Disgust A beautifully whacky title for a song with those same qualities! A really cool song with a lot of twists and turns! It's prog, thrash and melodic metal all pressed into one song!
Reign of Liars Another progressive thrash metal beast with some really cool twists and turns in classic Absorb manner! Enjoy!
Balle Rudi Here's a nice little semi-progressive, semi-thrashy song that actually just started out with the first 26 seconds. Then my friend Chrille said it was cool and that I should make it into a full song, so I did! I have no idea who Rudi is or what he did that's so cool. "Balle" is swedish for "cool". Or "schlong".
Dumper Based around a sort of Freak Kitchenesque verse riff and a 6/8 feel groove with some other wacky stuff in there too!
Triads of Tripoli A really heavy, progressive song grooving in a triplet feel with a really heavy mid section! I wanted a title that sounded triplety, but to be honest I hardly even know where (or what) Tripoli is...

Demo Mumbles 2004/2006/2007 Here's a group of songs that didn't fit anywhere else, since they didn't have that much in common with the others, spread out over a couple of years.

Bumble A bit too "NU" to be comfortable...
On the Twelve A recording made before leaving for rehearsal. Good thing I did record it; one week later I'd forgotten even recording it!!
Blusen "Blusen" means "the blouse" in swedish, I think it was some kind of word play on blues. Don't know what it has to do with the song...
Persona Non Gritty The title is obviously a word play on the phrase "persona non grata". I wanted to do something based on a clean picking pattern in odd time, and here's the result!
Dingle Inspired by Spock's Beard's rich arrangements, I wrote this cross between classical guitar and progressive rock. I really love the instrumentation on this one!
Fowl Tracks Nice, chompy riffs but nothing special...
Stumbling In the Sky This song is like a cross between some of my "New Project Idea" stuff and Megadeth's "In My Darkest Hour" with a really cool 6/8 middle section!
Hog Food A Nice, chuggy riff that sort of goes on a bit too long...
Maggots In the Mayo Nice alliteration based title that gives really icky mental images! Very cool harmonies, could make a good song some day...
Mother Dear Something I stayed up working on, very nice riffs, tempo changes, different moods and odd time signatures... Definitely a song I'm happy with!

Chainsaw Ideas 2005 A bunch of stuff that was written, but not used, for the next Chainsaw offering.

Trash Thryout Very Chainsaw! The title is a word play on the common mistake of thinking it's called "Trash metal"...
Stachen Blochen Sounds a bit oriental... The title came from a fictional german TV show on Late Night with Conan O'Brien...
Backward March Has a bit of an Exodus feel to it... The title is therefore a wordplay on the Exodus title "Forward March"...
Built By Bullies Another fast, hard hitting number... Very Exodus/Testament/Chainsaw sounding, also Pontus' favourite so far. The title? What can I say? Alliteration Rules!!
Vichy-Vachy Nouveau Very Testamenty song with that Emil touch to it. The title is a cross between the soda water "Vichy Nouveau" and the expression "Wishy-Washy". Ain't wordplay fun?!

The Smallest Fiddles 2005 This name came from the expression "Here's the world's smallest violin playing the worlds saddest song, just for you...". That, and trying to establish my own figure of speech "The smallest fiddles make the largest noise".

Buggy-Dee-Doo I'm not sure about the "Buggy" part, since this is more of a triplet scale climb thing...
Squirrel Stampede Weird sort of bluesy open string lick thing... Great title!
Pal Tuxido The title, in some weird way, came from the name Al Pacino...
Regular Irregularity Really cool trademark boogie groove. I especially like the unison lead ending!
Oak Castle A bit generic but the lead guitar/bass unison at the end is pretty cool... The name? Well, Dan and Anders Ekborg had just been on TV. Ekborg means Oak Castle in english...
Milliways Nice progressive piece with quite a few twists and turns. The track is, of course, named after Milliways - the restaurant at the end of the universe.
Wallow Me Whole I find myself enjoying writing more progressive material again, which is nice! Nice dubbed solo during the boogie part, quite a few nice riffs as well. Title serves no bigger purpose than being a pun.
Duck In A Tutu Why the hell do I keep coming up with riffs when I'm supposed to be sleeping? Progressive, heavy and a bit eerie. I'm not sure what it has to do with birds in dance wear...
Shallow Dave Another progressive style song, this time with some really nice thrash elements to it! The title came from the Annihilator song "Shallow Grave", which is absolutely nothing like this song...

Bonus Tracks Some more stuff that didn't fit anywhere else...
Pirres Idé A machine gun like idea that came from my friend Pierre...

Major Riff Age 2005 I needed a new 'album' for stuff not for the new demo... I was thinking "Kap'n Krunch"...

Vern Infested
Furry Femme
Trap, Grab n' Run First song in a while with a title that means something. I think I got it from "Stop, drop and roll" (the procedure when you're on fire).
Guddy Buy For some reason I felt this snippet's title should be a word play on Buddy Guy. It doesn't remind me of the famous drummer or anything.
Licking the Lizard Hmmm... I think Christian is starting to influence my writing... What the title means? Dunno.
Gone Hissing
Non-Funktioning A nice little funk groove, that would be pretty straight forward if it wasn't for the parts in 7/8...

New Project Idea 2005 Initially written for a new project with a friend, but might end up on the next demo, it seems...

Lone Spectator
Collateral Salvation

Demo 3 Ideas 2005 Ideas for the next demo?

Rabid Doll
Tipsy Eyes
Manic Progression
Tumbling Crumbles
Third Harmonic Depletion

Bonus Tracks Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else...
Chemian The original demo for "Unconscious Minds"...

Riff Trials 2004

Balance Fading Thrashy!
Calvin's Cahonas Named after Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes.
What's the Anti-Matter Boogie verse, poppy prog chorus and a word play title. What more can you ask?
Crutches A proggier, more violent Inspector Gadget theme?
Bingen "Bingen" is slang for "the bed" in swedish. Very rhythmic and thoroughly tuned down. Heavy!
Stewie Another hard rockin' "St. Anger" style song. Cool lead! The song reminds me slightly of a song on the "Rockstar" soundtrack. Named after a made up bunny in the sitcom "Mad About You". I know, I know, get a life and all that...

Dedication 2003-2004

Hit the Mark My IRC friend Mark wanted me to write a track for him to solo over. Just to bug him, I wrote a song named after him with all these changes. I am yet to hear him solo over it. Almost a full song!
Crooked Written in the same vein as "Hit the Mark". I'm really proud of these two songs, they sort of set the start of a whole new era for me.
Chalk Stains Spacey, moody "chorus" with a hard hitting odd-meter "verse". Cool title!
Against the Odds This is my song to my youngest cat, Fighter. When we got him he'd survived quite a long time on his own outside after being abandoned, feeding himself and sneaking into stores around closing time to sleep in there. When we got him he was really skinny, but he pulled through. So that's not just his name, he truly is a fighter!
Countercrunch Bay Area Thrash!! Could have been lifted straight off of Exodus' latest album.

Weekday Grooves 2003 A groove for each day of the work week...

The Wednesday Groove Hard to play boogie groove.
Blackmoon Rising Hard rocking groove, reminds me of "St. Anger"... The title is a joke on "Bad Moon Rising". For some reason the only one not named after a weekday.
Tuesday Torture Tortoise Two contradictory riffs, one in each ear. Then, on top of that, in comes a minor third on every snare hit. Hard to endure.
Thirsty Thursday Thrust Fast, ripping thrash song. Heavy shit! Alliteration in song titles rules!!
Monday Mangle Really confusing riff. Sure to make you fall over if trying to walk with it. At least when drunk.

Acoustic Mirrors 2002 Two mellow acoustic songs, that just didn't fit anywhere else...

Broken Tension Really nice mellow acoustic solo on this one.
A Kitten's Lullaby This is my song to my first born cat, Nangi.

Träskfestival (Swamp Festival) 2002-2003 How the hell I came up with that title, I don't know...

Log Contest Quite possible the shortest song I've ever written.
Kinda Buggy At first, this track was entitled "Kind of Boogie", but the computer started messing up the take, so I changed it to "Kinda Buggy"... I'm really proud of the fact that I managed to perfectly double that guitar solo.
CePucko 3000 Chaotic piece named after a made up roller coaster in a Robert Gustafsson video...

Weird Experiments 2002-2004

Knas Weird 8th triplet/16th note combo thing, with a Pantera style intro!
Tempoknas Just me fooling around with some time compressing.
Backfire Those harmonies remind me of the band Death...
Tracktor Long and confusing, like a true prog metal song should be.
Impossiblend Heavy and melodic. As the title implies, I had problems coming up with an end for it.
Madmartigan Progressive metal snippet named after Val Kilmer's character in "Willow".
Eat My Foot Rockin' song heavily inspired by Freak Kitchen's "Taste My Fist", both in the music and the title.
Not Quite Yet Proggy. Yes. I have no idea what the title means.
Steep People usually tell me "that's totally a Dream Theater ripoff!" Yes, yes it is.
Morse This song isn't really part of the "Weird Experiments" thing, but that title just fits it so well! While in Gothenburg on vacation July 2004 I visited the Museum of Radio. While browsing broadcast history I heard an incredibly rhythmic morse code loop. So rhythmic, in fact, I just had to record it on my cell phone! Well back home I doubled the morse on guitar, added drums and a robotic synth bass. "Morse" is the result! If that's not a Weird Experiment, I don't know what is!!