Full Name: Emil Pelle Wilhelm Simon Holmgren

Date of Birth: June 10 1978

Plays: Drums, guitar, bass, vocals

Previous Bands (those I remember):

The Rockets (1989-1992)
Uniqm (c:a 1993-94)
Dirty Landré/Driven (1995-1996)
Arcane (1996-1999)
Resurrect (1999-?)
Yore (1999-2001)
Orchards of Odenwrath (2001-2002 session)
Robban & Rebellerna (2001-2002)
M-Teens (2002)
Mansic (2002)
Illusion of Clarity (2003-2005)
Odenwrath (2006 session)
Chainsaw (2004, 2005-2006)
Exilium (2009)
Tromacide (2010)

Marital status: Single

Martial status: Deadly (not really)

Favourite bands: Metallica, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Testament, Spiral Architect, Änglagård, Annihilator and many other fine young talented lads.

Email: absorb@absorbant.net

If there's anything else you think should be here, but isn't (or I got something wrong), drop me a line or leave a message in the guestbook and I'll consider it...

My Equipment

Analogue studio:
Fostex Model 80 Reel-To-Reel tape machine
Fostex Model 450 8-channel, 4-bus mixing desk
DBX 266XL Dual compressor/gate
Alesis Midiverb III Multi effects unit

Computer studio:
P4 2,8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
LG BH10LS30 Blu-ray burner
E-MU 1820m sound card
Mindprint DI-Port microphone preamp and AD/DA
Genelec 8020A monitor speakers
Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro amplifier modeling unit
Sony TCD-D8 portable DAT recorder

Portable computer studio:
Acer Aspire AS5742G laptop with Intel core i5-M460 and 4GB Ram
IK Multimedia Stealthplug sound card for easy guitar tracking on the road

Sony MDR-V700 and MDR-7509
Two pairs of beat up Sony MDR-V300's for lending

Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Gibson 500T and 496R pickups
Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX midnight black with EMG 81 and 85 pickups
Gardisten SP-56CN Steel string acoustic
Class 36 C-36 Nylon string acoustic
Aria Pro II IGB Deluxe 5-string bass with active electronics

Guitar equipment:
Peavey Bandit 112 with Transtube technology
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Ibanez CSS Superchorus
Colorsound Supa Wah-Wah

AKG D112
Three Shure SM57's
Shure SM58
ADK A-51
Generis GC-1

60's Hayman silver striped jazz kit, dimensions: 12, 13, 16, 24
No-name steel snare
Ludwig maple snare
Zildjian K-Custom 20" ride
Stagg 16" Crash
Stagg 16" China
Butterfly 12" splash
Zildjian 10" Oriental Thrash Splash
Broken Zildjian K 16" Dark Thin Crash
Meinl 16" Meteor Crash

If there's anything you'd like to know more about (or that I've left out), drop me a line or leave a message in the guestbook and I'll look into it. Emil P.W.S Holmgren